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Default FreeBSD 6.3 Server Crashing - full /tmp?

Is it possible to bring down a FreeBSD box by having a full /tmp folder? I've had frequent crashes the past week on one of my servers (which up until then had uptime in the 200+ day range). I thought it was hardware related (usually is) but after running some diagnostics (hard disk fitness test, memtest86, cpu burn-in, monitor incoming power levels, ambient temperature/internal cooling, etc) everything looks ok and I can't seem to locate an issue.

Unfortunately nothing is showing up in the logs regarding any type of kernel panic so it appears the server was just restarting. I *think* a full /tmp would not cause this (at most, core dumping applications which has occurred) but figured I'd ask. At this time, I'm thinking the only option I have is migrating to completely new hardware but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask the community to see if I might be overlooking something. Thanks!

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