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Default Dualboot system, what filesystem?

Good day!

I am a medical student and found out, I need a new computer which makes me focus to work instead of time-wasting-things

Hence, I decided to use a FreeBSD system. (have been using BSD for servers in the past, so no problem here)

But... one of the things I need/'d like to do is to convert AVI and Matroska videofiles to a DVD format. I have used convertxtodvd in the past and could not find a better program yet, that's why I need to keep at least a small windows installation.

So, what filesystem should I pick? What's better, the UFS-drivers for Windows XP? Or the fusefs for FreeBSD? Latter one supports write-access and it makes me thing it's the better way to go. So I'd set up a 50G for FreeBSD, 50G for windows and the remaining 1,4T für NTFS data. Or is there a better way to go?

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