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Originally Posted by harishankar View Post
* tighter integration with some essential OS level services providing a consistent interface, exposed via GUI tools like network management, display and power management, screen management, filesystem monitoring, device management etc. (i.e. automated way to detect and support plug-and-play external drives, devices, configure printers, scanners etc)
You appear to be advocating a GUI-oriented interface, which is fine. I want you to have the tools which you find work for you.

However, I tend to use the console exorbitantly. I typically have numerous consoles open simultaneously along with multiple tabs within a browser. This works for me, & I have no intention on forcing my style upon anyone else.

While I will concur that we know more about GUI design today, there are applications with horrible graphical interfaces out there too. This is true on all operating systems.

Refining/focusing earlier statements, the advantage of the Unix platform has been the abundance of choices available. It is a hotbed of experimentation. Let users find what works for themselves. Let developers attempt to push the envelope. Choice is good.

Will a common graphical interface evolve? Perhaps, but neither do I believe that Microsoft nor Apple have it all figured out in pushing their unified solutions as they are today. I believe this is IdOp's point too. One size doesn't fit all.
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