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Originally Posted by bforest View Post
I am trying to get a good recommendation on Laptops to consider for running TrueOS.

My requirements are:

* Must have Nvidia Video Graphics built in
* Must have CD drive (so I can replace it with a second hard drive for ZFS Mirror)
* Must be at least Dual Core.
I know you already made a purchase, but in the interest of posterity...

I have 2 Thinkpad T61 running FreeBSD with the dreaded Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M GPU, known for overheating if made after 2008. Mine weren't and perform fine with the nvidia-driver-304 port.

One has an Intel Core2 Duo CPU T7300 @ 2.0GHz and the other a T7700 @ 2.4 GHz. Each have 4GB RAM but supposedly upgradable to 8GB RAM. They come with a DVD burner in an UltraBay and can be swapped out for another HDD.

If you know what to look for as far as signs of heavy use and are looking at the right time some sweet deals can be had on ebay. Lease returns are a crap shoot and it's the luck of the draw which one they pick out. Look for sellers with high rep, what seems like a good deal might be best passed on for something a few $$$ more from a more reputable seller.

Single owners you should be able to know about what you're getting and can query them about it.

I paid a little over $50 for the T61 I'm on now and prefer to use it over my more powerful W520 OpenBSD machine, which has Nvidia Optimus and worked out-of-the-box with OpenBSD..
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