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From looking at this two year old post it*appears so:

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OpenBSD Developer

OpenBSD has modern graphics drivers from Linux (-current 4.19.y/Mesa 19.2.8) for Intel/AMD hardware, as a development platform we have many of the libraries that a game developer would expect in ports, like SDL2/OpenAL. We even have support for, at least on more recent hardware, the Vulkan graphics API."

Have a search here to see if OpenBSD has what you need in the packages:

Though I don't know what card series you should get.
When I first came to OpenBSD I couldn't find a clear answer on what card to get besides the Radeon 6000s series. I assume they support more recent than that, because OpenBSD devs have the latest laptops.
The hardest part when I was new to OpenBSD was finding a card, after that it was all good.
You might ask on the OpenBSD mailing lists, or ask at OpenBSD gaming on reddit

There's a user at OpenBSD gaming reddit who seems to get almost any game working if it can be done,
so he would be a good person to ask.
He calls himself thfrw on reddit and Thomas Frohwein when he is maintaining packages. Perhaps you can find him
on the OpenBSD mailing lists.
He is also the one who made the Youtube video above so he might answer there as well.

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