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Default Happiness is a functional keyboard :)

2009/2010 era netbook keyboard:
  • Mechanical: 30% odds that pressing any key would be non-functional
  • Fit and finish:
    • Spacebar: right end worn smooth; left half still had some matte finish remaining.
    • PgDn N M <, >. A S and C keys had to be guessed, because the key labels were worn away. Several of these have the keycaps worn down to the point they were key cups, rather than caps.
    • Many other keys had partially worn labels. The E looked like F, the L looked like I. Tab looked like Tal.
    • PrtScr was missing its last few letters and the key was seated at an odd angle. A different odd angle every day.
  • Dirt: Of course.
  • Sanitation: ... I don't even want to think about it what was growing under those keys.
Replaced today with a mail order OEM keyboard.

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