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I think among the three BSDs, the install process for each demonstrates what philosophy and deeper coding methods belong to each respective BSD.

FreeBSD -- Long ugly install process. Hated it!

NetBSD -- In between FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Not as long and ugly as FreeBSD's install, but it does look prettier with, if I remember correctly green colors. Not bad.

OpenBSD -- It's install process is the simplest of the three. When I first install OpenBSD as a joke as I was using FreeBSD at the time, I was hooked in the 7 minutes it took me to install it. Being relatively new to Unix, I do play around and screw things up, so I have to reinstall over and over again. OpenBSD let's you do this fast and learn a lot more faster than the other two. After about 5 - 10 reinstalls, you should have everything close to memorized. OpenBSD follows the philosophy Keep It Simple Stupid and works elegantly. I think OpenBSD is the best b/c it's power is in its simplicity. Oh! That's the Unix philosophy. Duh! No wonder it's the best even to a newbie like me who doesn't really know that much about Unix, but just seeing OpenBSD for what it was the first time I installed it, even an idiot should know OpenBSD rocks!
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