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I ditched windows in earnest back in October and floated around from *nix Distribution to *nix Distribution tryin every thing from Ubuntu to NetBSD and even Slackware, Until a couople of weeks ago when I settled down into Fedora 8 code named WearWolf then after acouple of wearwolf reinstalls i upgrade the last one ran int some problems with it and decide to preserve My data on /dev/sdb1 and do a fresh installation of Fedora 9 (sulphur).

My partitio tables are as follows

sda1 ext3 /boot

sda2 XFS / (works better than every prior instalation on etx2 or etx3 file systems for rot)

sda3 swap

sda4 extended (will be used to add Cento Os and possibly NetBSD or FreeBSD)

sdb1 /home ext3

Is it possible to boot the BSDS of of an extended partion, and use and mount an EXT3 file system as a home partition?
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