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From last time I installed a NetBSD (version 5.0 IIRC) I remember that with NetBSD you need to download all the packages manually with the ftp command and then install them with pkg_add (OpenBSD uses the "-r" parameter to fetch packages off the mirrors).
I think the pkg_add -r is for FreeBSD. In OpenBSD you set your PKG_PATH variable
From 15.2.2 of the OpenBSD FAQ
$ export PKG_PATH=ftp://your.ftp.mirror/pub/OpenBSD/4.7/packages/`machine -a`/
For NetBSD:
5.15. Installing additional software
Using packages from pkgsrc

If you wish to install any of the software freely available for UNIX-like systems you are strongly advised to first check the NetBSD package system, pkgsrc. pkgsrc automatically handles any changes necessary to make the software run on NetBSD. This includes the retrieval and installation of any other packages on which the software may depend.


See the list of available packages

Precompiled binaries are available on the NetBSD FTP server for some ports. To install them the PKG_PATH variable needs to be adjusted in the following way (under the sh(1) shell):

# export PKG_PATH

Where <RELEASE-NUMBER> needs to be replaced by the release number of an existing NetBSD release (for example, 5.0). <PORT> needs to be replaced by the Port name for the used architecture (for example, amd64)

Applications can now be installed by the superuser root with the pkg_add command:

# pkg_add -v perl
# pkg_add -v apache
# pkg_add -v firefox
# pkg_add -v kde
The NetBSD quote was taken directly from the NetBSD handbook. It is dated and in the interim NetBSD packages have migrated to per ldOp post

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