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Default Barti asked about Linux filesystem commands on OpenBSD

In another thread:
Originally Posted by barti View Post
What is the replacements for chattr or lsattr commands in Linux?
These are specific to the EXT2 or EXT3 filesystems, for managing extended file attributes.

These are Linux filesystems. While OpenBSD can mount them, to the best of my knowledge it ignores any extended attributes. If you have EXT2 or EXT3 filesystems on your drive, you may mount them with mount_ext2fs(8). If you need EXT2/3 tools, just install the e2fsprogs package -- it includes the lsattr and chattr programs for querying and manipulating extended attributes on EXT2/3 filesystems -- but these commands will not work on any other filesystems.

OpenBSD's native filesystem is FFS, and FFS uses file modes and file flags. File flags are similar to EXT2/3 extended file attributes. File modes and flags are changed with chmod(1) and chflags(1), and can be queried with ls(1).

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