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Thank you, Reinhold, for trying to help daemonfowl. Unfortunately, I foresee only negative outcomes, based on history with him here.
  1. This works for him. Now he has a magical black box he does not understand and cannot support or maintain. He does not know how the contents were created nor how you arrived at your solution. Nor does he care. This will solve his immediate need, and he can turn his attention elsewhere, without needing to learn anything. Another thread will follow this with a poorly described, vague problem, on some other topic, and this cycle of ignorance will repeat.
  2. This fails to work. He will now drop all attempts at answering my questions and focus on this one configuration file as the only possible solution to his yet-to-be described problem. The problem solution may lie elsewhere, and if so we will never know, as the thread will be abandoned once his attention drifts to some other issue.
Edited to add:

If it appears I am disheartened, frustrated, and upset; of course I am. I have been trying without success to provide daemonfowl with the skills needed to obtain minimum technical self-reliance for more than seven months.

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