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Default Recommendations for ADSL Modem

After 20 years of service my Cisco 678 was showing some intermittent connectivity problem that would resolve when I wiggled the line-in jack. I took the modem apart and found that the screw sockets had become brittle and were cracked The circuit board looked fine so I carefully put it back together and am functional.

I am looking at 2 options:
1) Trying to find an old Cisco 678 with an intact housing and swapping out the circuit boards.

2) Buying a new modem (My ISP offers rental at 60$/year). I have found some ADSL/ADSL2+ modems for $40. I do not have VDSL in my area and my ISP could not tell me if it would be available in the near future.

Any make/model recommendations for an ADSL modem?


I have done some more research and found that my service area only supports MTM not ADSL/ADSL2+ let alone VDSL. Purchasing a new modem with ADSL/ADSL2+ capability would be a waste of money.

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