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Originally Posted by Simurghiyan View Post
A truly fascinating thread with some real surprises --thank you.
But it's nearly 2019, three years after the OP; NetBSD exists still and I'm quite happy with it as a workaday OS. AFAIK, no Code of Conduct dramas, no 'init dramas' ... just a very nice solid system (and to my mind the only probable heir to BSD-lite's 4.4's crown and sceptre). Can easily use it on the pi bramble too.
I completely agree with you; NetBSD is terribly alluring, just so fun, just so: think out of the box, and to my mind the most true to the 386BSD/4.4BSD-lite inheritance.
To add something to this thread, as of 8.0, NetBSD OSS sound subsystem has been heavily reshaped. we now happily have in-kernel mixing, audio(4). It would be one day good on the other hand, to see it completely replaced with a modern OSSv4 implementation like Illumos Boomer

Apologies for the necro, if people here object to such things.
I don't think necro is a mustn't here but purposely going off-topic withing the same thread and diverting focus on a different subject surely is (which is not what I think you did here).

EDIT: by the way, welcome
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