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How badly do you want the sata drive as your principal drive
if you have others?
I've a sata controller on pci which is unstable "to sata" and
usually hoses the target filesystem upon, say, a rsync session.
Here, the fix...
a... gjournal setup on the target (maybe irrelevant)
b... using bwlimit" parameter to rsync to make the target
receive data at 1/10th the rate of the source disk (the
freebsd forums has details in a post). That makes the
controller, unreliable otherwise, perfect for backups ( I can
merrily use the system as otherwise, rsyncing a FS at a
time, as long as while it is just root, a few non-default-mounted
filesystems are unmounted. )
Your post maybe (???) implies this setup is more reliable than
the/a sata disk, used as the primary disk in a system with
sata chipsets originally on the motherboard.

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