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Originally Posted by 18Googol2 View Post
I couldnt see a single reason to switch to the new browser. Google browser is long long way to go in comparision with Opera and FX.
Each tab runs in its own process. Extra processes, such as media players, scripts, etc., are "jailed" so they have no access that would allow malware, virus, to infect the OS. If a tab crashes, only that tab goes down while the rest of the browser/tabs are unaffected.

Javascript uses the latest available and is 3 bazillion times faster than all others.
User add-ons are coming. This is only version 0.2
Each tab running under a single process to prevent crash? Thanks but no thanks, I havent experience any crash with Opera for months, also Im unsure of how much resource it will take.
According to a lot of Windows rum-drinkers, every browser other than IE crashes on an hourly basis.

Other than that, with Google's backing, this will help drive nails into the IE coffin so we web developers can either kiss that POS goodbye or force Microsoft to drag it out of 1998.
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