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Yes, label "a" is used for the "/" root partition. However if you use multiple slices, you can use it for another partition, if you like. Personally, I try to prevent using "a" for a non-root partition. It is just my preference

1. fdisk -u ad0 ; follow the steps and add a third slice
2. bsdlabel -w /dev/ad0s3 ; this creates /dev/ad0s3a and /dev/ad0s3c
3. bsdlabel -e /dev/ad0s3 ; change "a" to "d" and save
4. now there's /dev/ad0s3c and /dev/ad0s3d
5. newfs -U /dev/ad0s3d
Yes, that is correct
Now do:
6) mkdir /home
7) edit /etc/fstab to add : /dev/ad0s3d /home,
   followed by the filesystem stuff and mount options
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