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Default HEADS UP: Mass mergemaster MFC to [78]-stable

From the FreeBSD stable mailing list:
From: Doug Barton
Date: Fri Jan 15 03:38:25 UTC 2010


I've merged the following changes to bring mergemaster up to date with
what's in HEAD to RELENG_[78]. Of particular interest for most people,
especially those with long-lived installs will be r200425, and r200708;
however a few of the other changes might also bring surprises. As usual
I have tried to be very cautious with the defaults so as not to disrupt
people's existing installations, but please heed the "usual" advice to
back up /etc before running mergemaster. I also suggest the regular use
of the -P option.

If you have any questions or problems please speak up sooner rather than
later, since I'd like to get any "issues" ironed out as far in advance
of the 7.3-RELEASE as possible.

FYI, I do not plan to merge these changes, or any other changes besides
serious bug fixes to RELENG_6.


See for the details.
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