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Default Xenocara installed

Thanks, ocicat:

Man, that was something. My first omission on the tree reference - my bust. I referenced the -STABLE branch the second time (on my own - before your last entry) and "rm -rf"'d xobj (per instructions; but didn't "rm" the xenocara directory. Third time (today) was a charm.

So I have Xenocara up. I've updated the ports via CVSROOT; and will remove the "w-" directories (btw, tried "w-" on the text search at several times - too many other similar text coughed up on the query). Teaches me to read instead of scanning the reference matl.

Gnome no longer is a mystery. Tooled around with the gdm... do have the Desktop up on login embarrassing. Guess I was too used to be on Fedora, Ubuntu, and SuSE, where a desktop was already chosen as a default. Never took the time to "discover" other Desktops, since I had liveCDs of other distros that had them.

I appreciate your input ocicat; and hope I didn't waste too much of your time.

Best regards

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