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Originally Posted by rbg_cn View Post
I already checked the official OpenBSD site about hardware compatibility, but i don't get it.
The text you question refers to the possibility where the video hardware in question might be usable by the kernel as a console (text only) device, yet not usable by X Windows for graphical display. OpenBSD's X Windows implementation is a repackaging of, called Xenocara. The kernel device driver for consoles and the Xenocara userland driver are different.

This particular card you are asking about is new this year, and as adamk mentioned, it should work in VESA mode, but that is not guaranteed. If you have physical access to a PC that has this card installed and a CD or DVD drive, you could boot one of my 4.9-release live media images to test this. A link is in my signature.

Xenocara has two ATI device drivers, ati(4) and radeon(4), and though there have been updates in the last six weeks to radeon driver source code modules, the manual pages and changelogs that describe device support are 21 months old.

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