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SuperTuxKart 0.7.2 has been released

It offers:
  1. In-game addon manager
  2. Fixed major memory leaks
  3. New Snow Peak track by Samuncle
  4. Improved star track. UFO by Rudy
  5. New Beastie kart.
  6. Show when you get a highscore
  7. Improve gamepad configuration under Windows (add ability to tell gamepads apart)
  8. Various other tweaks done and glitches fixed


supertuxkart-0.7.2-freebsd-i386.tar.bz2 (x86 32-bit)

supertuxkart-0.7.2-freebsd-amd64.tar.bz2 (x86 64-bit)

The old Beastie Kart is available by In-game addon manager.


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