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Maybe I should try a different approach to this, yes the PA-RISC machines would be great, but I don't think I would be able to find one, or do you know where they can be found, ?
I do have a couple of HP laptops, that do not have the UEFI/secure boot junk, and they are great, OpenBsd runs well on them. But I want to get a new Desktop PC, so any way, maybe I don't even need to worry, and could just by something new, I like Dell as well, however since I have never delt with the UEFI abdomation, nor the secure boot mess that is used on the newer PC's, I am concerned about difficulties installing OpenBsd, I have no use for MS malware, and would be installing to the entire HD, would this be a problem on a newer PC that has the malware pre-installed ?
Here in Mexico, there are quite a few "new" still in the box PC's, that are a year or 2 old, but they all have MS malware pre-installed, and that is what worries me, MS malware might not allow installing any other OS,...or maybe I am misinformed, and it is not as bad as I think, simply wipe the drive, and install the OS I choose, let the installer take care of it ? The other thing though, is why pay extra for a OS that I won't be using ? But that is minor, I just would like to get a newer PC, ...
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