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Or used, re-conditioned, does any one know if it is even possible now a days to buy a PC that does not have any OS installed, and preferably no UEFI or secure boot junk, just the legacy Bios.
It has not been mentioned but it is possible to buy DIY bundles.



NewEgg Entry Level Bundle
I've got my eye on these
Preliminary support is reported in -current.

OutletPC bundles

My last upgrade (FM2 APU, Asus MOBO) was to get SATA 3.0/USB3.x and DDR3 memory. A new WD black HD, Antec Green PS, 8GB ram came in under $240 USD. I used the old case and Monitor.

Another cheap solution is embedded MOBO. I use one of these for my -Current/Development system I had to disable some of C power saving states, but it otherwise works great in OpenBSD.

I would not try put alot of emphasis on avoiding UEFI - it is coming ready or not. Both systems above boot UEFI and the setup was fairly simple in recent OpenBSD releases.

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