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Originally Posted by ip6ix View Post
Indeed, this is what I do, except I use fetchmail (which I was familiar with from using it on Linux). I also use "procmail", which neatly parses the mail headers and sorts the incoming mail into different mailboxes ready to read with mutt.

Procmail(1) can be set up from within smtpd.conf(5) by use of the "mda" directive.
Ip6ix, if you use procmail you should at least be aware of this discussion on ports@ from five years ago:

Originally Posted by Philip Guenther
Executive summary: delete the procmail port; the code is not safe and
should not be used as a basis for any further work.

As people may know, I was the upstream maintainer of procmail back in the
late 1990's though 2001.

Recent fuzzing efforts have found several bugs in procmail. I was
contacted by the Debian port maintainer. (...)

From what I gather, while the port hasn't been removed, its use is not encouraged.
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