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Acording to Freebsd's geli(8) AES-CBC with keylength of 192 is supported:

-e ealgo	        Encryption algorithm to	use.  Currently	sup-
			ported algorithms are: AES-XTS, AES-CBC,
			Blowfish-CBC, Camellia-CBC, 3DES-CBC, and
			NULL.  The default and recommended algorithm
			is AES-XTS.  NULL is unencrypted.

-l keylen	        Data Key length to use with the given crypto-
			graphic algorithm.  If the length is not spec-
			ified, the selected algorithm uses its default
			key length.

				      128, 256

				      AES-CBC, Camellia-CBC
				      128, 192, 256
Not much time at this moment, but I cannot find anything which byte-order UFS2 is using and/or whether it is processor architecture dependent.
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