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Originally Posted by Mako_Elite View Post
Is that due to the encryption?....Here is attached dmesg.
What encryption?

This particular dmesg output was from your initial installation (RAMDISK_CD kernel) and then your first boot only (GENERIC.MP kernel), and does not show any encryption hardware, nor any use of the softraid(4) CRYPTO discipline.


The dmesg shows USB connectivity hardware with both USB 1.x and USB 2.0, via uhci(4) and ehci(4) drivers. But there is no USB mass storage device attachment in this particular dmesg.


The dmesg shows attachment of a 16GB SD card via the sdmmc(4) driver, but does not show any issues with it.


The dmesg shows a fatal firmware error for your Intel Wireless driver, iwn(4). Look in /etc/firmware for iwn-* files; if none are seen, firmware has not been installed. This appears to be the device's only NIC. If that's the case, fw_update(1) will not be usable and you will need to obtain the firmware manually from and install it using pkg_add(1).

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