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The dmesg shows attachment of a 16GB SD card via the sdmmc(4) driver, but does not show any issues with it.

That is my point. Why is transfer speed from this sdcard or even usb stick much
slower compare other operating systems used on this same laptop.
I am not complaining, just curious why.

The dmesg shows a fatal firmware error for your Intel Wireless driver, iwn(4). Look in /etc/firmware for iwn-* files; if none are seen, firmware has not been installed. This appears to be the device's only NIC. If that's the case, fw_update(1) will not be usable and you will need to obtain the firmware manually from and install it using pkg_add(1).
My wifi works great. First thing that I installed was iwn-firmware-5.6p0.tgz.

here is dmesg after reboot.

How you clear dmesg log on OpenBSD ??. Can't find info anywhere for it.
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