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Originally Posted by Randux View Post
I'm still not sure about how helpful the coreutils package is.
coreutils package provides these binaries:
% pkg_info -L -x coreutils | grep bin
Originally Posted by Randux View Post
Can you compile anything on Net/FreeBSD that you can on Linux, without tweakage?
Depends, I compiled many things from source on FreeBSD without any problem (./configure && make && ...) but some apps did not not passed configure, other failed at make, but I do not remember exact examples, tell me which apps you have in mind.

Originally Posted by Randux View Post
And can you make your own packages automatically or do you have to be an expert?
It is as simple as (at least on FreeBSD, but NetBSD and OpenBSD provide similar mechanisms):
# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/coreutils
# make package
Also read this, it will give you nice overview of the FreeBSD:
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