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Originally Posted by vermaden View Post

There is no VMware for BSDs, you will have to use QEMU (with kqemu) which is slow unfortunelly, if you choose NetBSD, then you will be able to use Xen 3.3 which is great virtualization sollution (even better them VMware imho).
How good are Win4BSD and Wine for FreeBSD for simple desktop applications? Would it be possible for me to install lets say Win4BSD + Win Opera + Flash and Java plugins? I tried running a Linux distro inside Qemu on my OpenBSD desktop in order to use Flash and Java since I need it in order to access my insurance informations . After I got couple core dumps I just gave up.
Java plugins are ROCK solid on OpenBSD + FIrefox although there is no binary distro for plugins (yes I do know there are binaries for JDK 1.7 but they do not contain plugins) so I made my own repository for my machines

Unfortunately Gnash just can not cope with most Flash sites as it is only
7.0 able
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