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Originally Posted by vermaden View Post
WINE does the job, I can play Fallout / Heroes of Might and Magic III without any problems, ocasional Windows apps also does not make a problem.
Well, I don't play these sorts of games. I still find Wine to be the most frustrating program in all of BSD.

Many years ago I had an old version of Acrobat (v4?) and Office 2000 running under Wine (I don't recall the version). Later, and even now, they don't. In between, they worked with some major diddling to which libraries were native and which were not (guided by Tom Wickline, who really knows Wine).

With enough futzing you can get many things to work, particularly if they are older applications. But my goodness, it can take an unbelievable amount of work.

VMs do work better for most things. Games are not one of those things, though. And BSD VMs stink.
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