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Originally Posted by nero View Post
I looked thru the BIG 3 sites but was only able to determine that OpenBSD can be installed, very minimally, in roughly 700~750 M.
Correct. See Section 4.7 of OpenBSD's FAQ:
What about Free or NetBSD?
For NetBSD, see Section 2.2.4 of The NetBSD Guide:

If you have ample RAM (1GB+), I would suggest not installing swap space for any of the *BSD's. If you have 512MB or less, you could experiment with what happens when no swap is configured...
Any encouragement or suggestions...or am I whistling up my butt?
If you have an external (USB) drive, you could move /home to it freeing space for /usr as this is where applications will be installed.

You can also experiment with moving /tmp to memory which will free up more disk space.

In addition on OpenBSD, the following may give you other ideas about what other tricks can be used. Although each references OpenBSD 3.7, I employ most techniques on a 4GB Eee PC running OpenBSD 4.3-current with no problems:

These articles refer to installing OpenBSD on (resource challenged...) Soekris appliances which are popular as firewalls.

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