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Originally Posted by cajunman4life View Post
Dunno what BSD you use, but on FreeBSD this stuff is in the base install. IIRC in NetBSD (and likely OpenBSD due to it's heritage as a NetBSD child) the compiler set was optional. But at least for FreeBSD, you get the compilers in the base system.
I use OpenBSD which I mentioned in my message. You could also conclude that from my avatar. During the OpenBSD installation one may select not to install compilers i.e. compXX.tgz

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P. S. It is quite easy to strip down FreeBSD to bare bones. You have a tool called
NanoBSD in the base which will enable you to create small image of FreeBSD for embedded devices. Michael Lucas have gone over that tool quite a bit
in his book Absolute FreeBSD. I think that you can strip down FreeBSD to less than 16 maybe even 8 MB. I also know for the fact that it is possible to strip OpenBSD to fit in a size of the floppy disk 1.44MB and still have most network tools and PF. Something like this guy did

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