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Originally Posted by betweendayandnight View Post
ISOs, packages and ports of -current version are found in ??
I am not jggimi, but I will pass on my commentary on this subject.
  • ISO's found at pub/OpenBSD/snapshots consist of the kernels, filesets, & supporting binaries for -current -- the head of the CVS repository. Snapshots of the popular architectures will be generated perhaps daily -- sometimes several times a day. Other architectures will not see new snapshots at the same frequency.
  • -current packages are generated at a slower rate, but will be found at pub/OpenBSD/snapshots/packages. The fact that packages may lag behind changes in the base system may lead to some library mismatches. Those running -current need to be aware of this, & factor in potential down-time when upgrading. Library mismatches may mean that -current users will need to build packages from source, or wait several days for new packages to appear. -current users also see the need of back-ups, & factor this into their upgrade practices.
  • Because of project constraints, not all applications in the ports tree will made available for -current users. Again, -current users are expected to have the technical skills needed to deal with building issues.
  • The CVS tree(s) (kernel, userland, ports, documentation, etc.) are available at a different set of servers. will list available sources.
  • -release & -stable are intentionally meant to be library compatible -- meaning that packages compiled for -stable should run as expected on -release, & vice-versa.
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