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Being told to run xenodm is unacceptable as a solution.
I wonder, did you @gpatrick, run the 2 syspatches, ? When I upgraded from 6.3 to 6.4 , just about 2 day ago, I had no problem continuing using startx as I have been , I am not familiar with using xendom, and it is not enabled on my system.
How ever, also I am not using any DE's, just a window manager, but don't see how that would make any difference.
Any way, I was under the impression , having to use xendom was a temporary option, but now with the 2nd syspatch, it is not required, one can still safely use startx ?
That is to say, the 1st patch fixed the xorg security issue, but it was at that point ,when people ran the patch they found they could not use startx anymore, and needed to make some configuration changes to start using xendom. So I decided to hold off for a little while and not upgrade.Later, I read about the 2nd patch,
002: RELIABILITY FIX: November 2, 2018 i386, amd64, arm64
The syspatch utility incorrectly handles symbolic links.
A source code patch exists which remedies this problem.
If I am wrong, then I will enable xendom, and start using it,...but from what I have read I don't think it is necessary. Same on a fresh install I did, I suppose if I had not run the syspatches, there would have been problems with startx, but I did run the patches first, and it all went smoothly.
I was impressed as to how quickly both patches were done, after I read about the 2nd one, I went ahead and upgraded.
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