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In short,

Encrypted != secure,
Encrypted == obfuscate

Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
Really though, physical security means putting a lock on your door.. all bets are off if they break into your premises and steal your machine.
This thread reminds me of a math professor I had in college. He was a bit of a security / paranoia nut. He logged into his computer using a barcode he had randomly generated. He would scan the barcode and it would represent his password.
He did this, as it was described to me, in the event someone of authority ever visiting his home. He could destroy the barcode, and not be able to log in to his computer, explaining that, "I do not know the password; it was randomly generated."
Ironically, in a worst case scenario, his computer case also had a magnet on a platform inside. He could pull this platform out of the computer from the outside, and the magnet would fall on top of his hard drive, supposedly 'wiping' the contents of the drive.

Ultimately security, as a whole, is an idea we create for ourselves. At least it was for my math professor.
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