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Originally Posted by unicyclist View Post
Some, like myself, may have come from FreeBSD (early releases) where the first thing you did was rebuild your kernel to enable/disable items you needed.
Although I understand your comparison, you are also contrasting FreeBSD when it was in its infancy, & there are significant differences between the project cultures today. You know, the whole apples & oranges thing...

The fact that there are non-BSD projects which promote compile happy mantras declaring "Compiler option tweaking is as good as flossing!" does everyone a disservice. The truth is that responsible tweaking requires understanding the ramifications of the decisions made, & this only comes from significant experience with studying the code. As has been stated in the same thread on misc@, shaving drivers doesn't really reduce the kernel's size by appreciable amounts.

Even tools like dmassage aren't that useful today as it only hunts through the output of dmesg(8) for "not configured" driver messages.

So the point on misc@ is that the developers are very jaded about efforts attempting to run the kernel in 1k as they have seen people dig themselves into very deep holes. While the code is available for anyone to do anything, just don't come crying when it has been broken.
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