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I have just gotta mention ... opensolaris iSCSI connector (serving) and initiator (client) ... FREE IN THE BOX ... not just "yet another way to serve up storage!"

You folks have got just gotta sandbox a copy and go nuts with it!!!
  • 64 and 32 bit;
  • Uses -- really uses -- your multi-cores like NO OTHER O/S going; big-lock s-o-l-v-e-d MP;
  • FLASH9 -- yes, NINE(9);
  • iSCSI (server and client);
  • ZFS (that works);
  • native virtualization (zones);
  • XEN dom(0) and dom(u) capable;
  • a blazing IP stack that can drive 1 and 10G Ethernet to saturation;
  • D-TRACE system debugger that's to die for;
  • plus, plus ...; as well as
  • the usual cast of stuff.
It's a young distro -- fresh as of Monday -- and to be sure it'll have teething issues, and they'll have to grow the available ports, but for us unix-not-linux types, it's s-w-e-e-t.

Somewhat bigger memory footprint then *BSD'ers may be used to but ... what'a feature set. is for users/admins and "consumers." is for dev's and "contributors."
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