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Default hal and lost interupt

This is as far as I ever gotten on a NetBSD install. I managed to get the daemons setup as recommended for Xfce4.6.1 using the Gnome guides. When hal is running I get the following error messages which repeat until the system locks up after a few minutes.
viaide0:1:0: lost interrupt
type: atapi tc_bcount: 32 tc_skip: 0
viaide0:1:0: bus-master DMA error: missing interrupt, status=0x21
viaide0:1:0: device timeout, c_bcount=32, c_skip=0
cd0(viaide0:1:0): generic HBA error
set{u,g}id pid 634 (gnome-pty-helper) was invoked by uid 1000 ppid 409 (Terminal
) with fd 2 closed
device 0:1:0 is a Asus sata dvdrw drive. I do not have any issues with my Western Digital SATA hard drive.
I also notice a message at shutdown that hal is not properly configured
If i remove hal=YES from /etc/rc.conf then I do not have the interrupts.

I googled and found an old email that the viaide driver is buggy and a suggestion to disable it and use the pciide driver only. Does this entail a new kernel or can use boot -c to try out a kernel without viaide?

Is the viaide driver still buggy or am I missing something on the hal configuration?
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