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Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Yes, I'm using, this must be the problem then.
Does running bsd.sp affect performance a lot?
Actually there is no bsd.sp. There is only bsd and You question has no good answer. OpenBSD still has a big giant lock and uses n:1 threading model. In plain English OpenBSD is not capable of scheduling system calls of single application on multiple processes and making use of them. Actually because of that MySQL will run faster on bsd than on On another hand if you are running multiple applications will preform significantly better since they will be running on different processors.
So if you are editing multiple videos you should definitely use
OpenBSD uses too much crypto and randomization to scale nearly as good as other BSDs and Linux. I do not think that a typical desktop user can notice that but if you are running large data base you should keep that in mind.

Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
There are FreeBSD 5 and FreeBSD 6 binaries for Opera ... (Not for Skype though ...)
Of course. I switched to OpenBSD from FreeBSD two years ago. Right around 6.1 so I should know at least that much.

Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
As a sidenote, I really, really dislike Skype I only use it because some people I know will not use anything else Now I have to fire up a Windows machine every time I want to use it ... :-/
You do not have to make excuses for yourself. I completely understand. I actually played with a Skype to see if it can be make to work on OpenBSD exactly for that reason. Unfortunately Skype due to its firewall and NAT penetrating abilities is really wide spread VoIP application. I am a bit surprised by a number of people who use it to chat. I am having hard time to see what is wrong with IRC.

You mentioned that you mostly use chat not VoIP on Skype. If that is the case Skype works 100% rock solid on bsd kernel. I honestly have to admit that once in a while I use it to talk to my uncle back in Europe. My solution was to cut a copy of SLAX with only Skype module and to use it as a LiveCD.

I tried to use SLAX via Qemu so that I do not have even to use physical hardware. Unfortunately only one out of three audio drivers for Qemu supports full duplex mode and that one doesn't work on OpenBSD properly.
That was just not worth of hacking.

As a side note. Wine team and few OpenBSD guys have make really great progress towards getting latest Wine to run on OpenBSD. There are cod auditing reasons as well same security reasons that stirred interest of OpenBSD developers to port Wine. So we might be able to run Skype in Wine soon basically by accident.

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