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Originally Posted by fn8t View Post
thirdm, I was sure that there was a newer attempt than the old gcc-3.0. Been awhile since I (thought I) read the the non-plan9 mantainer attempt to port c++. After a long hunt I found not even the mention of a failed attempt similar to the one I thought I remembered. Even though this pleases me, I am sorry for false claim (which we'll have to assume it is). <- I should be banned from the internet!

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Don't sweat it.

I wasn't meaning to rub your nose in it. It's just that I'm the opposite of you in this one respect. Lack of good C++ support is one of several things that makes plan9 less interesting to me, though it looks like a beautiful system in the abstract. So the possibility of it getting a newish gcc or lvwm was exciting news I wanted to confirm.
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