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Default Hosted Inferno OS

Inferno OS was developed from Plan 9 at Bell Labs and it can run natively on hardware or hosted on a number of different operating systems.

Inferno has a GUI and its own Web browser called Charon. Another feature of hosted Inferno is the ability to run programs on the host inside Inferno using the "os" command.

Charon doesn't have JavaScript so that can stop some of the tracking and privacy problems that seem to be rampant.

But if you run Charon or run Firefox using the "os" command, then how or what happens with malware and viruses which target Windows if that's the host system? I assume hosted Inferno is like FreeBSD jails or Solaris zones or Linux containers, but the memory on the host is a large pool. Does Inferno or other jail or even qemu or KVM create a silo of memory that doesn't affect the host?

Is it safer to run Firefox in Inferno than on Windows itself?
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