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Default Ed Mastery

Ed Mastery
By Michael W Lucas

Mars 2018
ISBN-10 : 1642350036
ISBN-13 : 978-1642350036

Let me be perfectly clear: ed(1) is the standard Unix text editor. If you don’t know ed, you’re not a sysadmin. You’re a mere dabbler. A dilettante. Deficient.

Forty years after ed’s introduction, internationally acclaimed author Michael W Lucas has finally unlocked the mysteries of ed for everyone. With Ed Mastery, you too can become a proper sysadmin.

Ed Mastery will help you:
• understand buffers and addresses
• insert, remove, and mangle text
• master file management and shell escapes
• comprehend regular expressions, searches, and substitutions
• create high-performance scripts for transforming files

You must be at least this competent to use this computer. Read Ed Mastery today!

“I’m glad someone’s finally giving ed the attention it deserves.”
– Ken Thompson, co-creator of Unix
Ed Mastery
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