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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Are you aware that OpenSSH in included with OpenBSD? You can control your OpenBSD system from another, even from the Internet. You could # pkill Xorg or # halt or ... perhaps look through logs to see what is happening, while it is happening. This isn't Windows, mashing a power button is not always necessary.

See the ssh(1) and sshd(8) man pages, if you've never used them before.
Nope,had no idea i could use this kind of tools.I thought ssh was for sending/reading mails in a secure way.I'll read the man pages for now and see what i can do.

Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
It appears you've never seen this; it would be helpful if you would take a look at it, particularly section b.

OK got it,i'll try to be more analytic from now on.

Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
While that is possible, it's certainly not yet clear to me that this is the case.
Hope it's not.I'm so happy i managed to make my OBSD to work,with lots of help from the forum of course-,and sad on the other hand that had to face so many issues the last days.Problems i had no idea the existed.

But in my country we say ; "every obstacle is for good" so i hope when this ends i'll be wiser.
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