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Where do you come with ideas like that? Running X on ViaC3 machine. Using OpenBSD with pkgsrc

Reading the NetBSD documentation on pkgsrc.
Why would exactly FreeBSD be the best choice?
I'm not sure I indicated it was the best choice. I am doing this in part to gain experience with the various BSD's and I am using old and not particulary powerful hardware to do it with. I am not trying to start a flame war on which BSD is best although my sense is that each BSD has it's merits and matching those merits to use (lightweight desktop) and hardware (ViaC3) I would not think to be an unreasonable thought.

A better solution is -current.
NO, absolutely NOT!!! Pkgsrc doesn't work in practice on anything else except NetBSD and DragonFly BSD. It is completely untested.
This is what I was looking for. I'm trying to setup current and running cvs as I type this.
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