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Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
...There is no upgrade path from 4.1-release, 4.2-release, or 4.3-release to -current....
No formal path, true. But it is possible to upgrade from the most recent -release to -current.

It requires an upgrade to the latest snapshot (starting with formal -release to -release upgrades, if necessary), and then carefully managing all critical architectural changes outlined in the Following -current FAQ, and also requires including all the additional architectural changes in /etc and /var. This last can be augmented by using the new sysmerge(8) tool, or the older mergemaster port. I suppose one could carefully examine CVS logs, and make manual edits or use sdiff(1), but some method for examining and making all changes in /etc and /var is necessary.

Once that's done, the admin can proceed to building -current, or, upgrade from snapshot to snapshot, as many do. My laptops I upgrade from snap to snap, my servers run -current.

Is a fresh install easier? That would depend on the complexity of the configurations, and the extent of the administrator's technical skills.
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