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Originally Posted by scottro View Post
Interestingly enough, to my surprise, some cost studies, (not by MS) showed that Exchange might actually be cheaper in some cases. The problem with Zimbra (and another one, the name escapes me, Scaler, or something similar) is that they have yearly licensing, so that the cost gradually goes over the one time cost of Exchange. (The comparison was also based on getting RedHat with premium support, which adds something like $1300 annually to the equation.)
Exchange is not a one-time cost. You pay for each upgrade, you pay for each account, you pay for each Outlook install, and so on.

Nor do the fees for Zimbra go up overtime. Whatever you are quoted when you first purchase it, is the price you pay each renewal (ie, it's a constant cost).

And they now offer a perpetual license, where you pay once, and never have to pay again (unless you need more licenses, but then you still only pay whatever you paid the first time). The per-license cost does not increase after you purchase Zimbra.

If you don't buy Zimbra this year, or the next, but buy it sometime down the road, then the cost will most likely have increased. But once you buy it, your cost is locked in.

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