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Originally Posted by windependence View Post
Since we're on that subject Phoenix, Can I use Zimbra on an intranet? I had pretty much ruled it out because I figured you needed to be doing external mail but if I don't need to do that I might consider it.
Don't see why not. The only Internet access it needs is to be able to send messages out to the Internet or to receive messages from the Internet. If you just need internal mail, block outgoing port 25. Might confuse the users, though, as any mail they send to non-local addresses will be stuck in the deferred queue for X days and then bounced as non-deliverable.

I actually thought you worked for Zimbra.
I've looked at their job postings, but everything is programmer-related, and I'm more a network/sysadmin guy. The most programming I do is shell scripts and (very simple, non-OOP) PHP/MySQL.

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