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Default Asking questions about OpenBSD

I like OpenBSD quite a bit, and I'm learning and learning. Even after countless tutorials, countless OpenBSD man pages I still can't seem to figure out certain things. Currently I'm trying to work out getting NSD and Unbound working right. Probably have another year or so of reading to go before I figure it out. Guess that probably related to my IQ. What I really don't like is that I have somewhat of a fear asking of questions on this forum. I'm talking about the ones that may seem simple and straight forward to most OpenBSD users but for some reason it's significantly difficult for me to work out. I completely understand the goals of the developers. But why have a forum such as this available, and discourage newbies when a question is asked? If your an expert on OpenBSD why discourage people on this forum? Why not just not just ignore a post a new person has posted if it offends you or may seem trivial or the question you think is ridiculous? Without donations OpenBSD recently almost shutdown their doors. Please in the future if you have nothing worthwhile say then just ignore the post. I almost feel like opening my own forum for OpenBSD users who can ask any question they like without getting a slap in a face, and then a turn in certain direction that may lead to nowhere for that newbie. Anyways, to all the grandmaster OpenBSD guru's out there please relax and give people a break.

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