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OK, wow, this thread has come back to life!
Yes I decided to visit this forum once again. This forum could be thriving like FreeBSD's.

Seriously, ask yourself why you want to use OpenBSD (or any BSD), what you're willing to learn and do IF you are serious about it, and if you can't come up with a good, honest answer, go back to Linux-land.
JWJones seriously ask yourself why you needed to respond to this.

I've purchased both the latest Absolute OpenBSD and The Book of PF from I generously sent Michael Lucas and email letting him know of spelling errors and such I found while reading his book. I just submitted an issue to the mailing lists reference an issue with the unbound.conf man page that developers decided should be changed. I know exactly what my needs are for using OpenBSD... and seriously I don't need to assess that. Like I said before, I like OpenBSD but have run into issues I can't seem to work around or solve on my own. Some of you on this forum who reply to posts need to take a step back and remember OpenBSD developers have bills to pay. Please just stop with the rudeness because your pushing the newbies away for no good reason. I myself would love to see OpenBSD thrive, in addition to this forum.

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