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Originally Posted by JWJones View Post
Weird, I thought I was replying to this thread:

Was it closed/split into this one?
Yes. The initial post in that thread advocated the poster's desire for a graphical GUI interface. This thread asks about the configuration of nsd(8).

The two subjects are different.

We find at this site that most members mine the archives for information on specific subjects. To make this simpler, we ask members to keep to a single subject as directed by the initial post in the thread. Technical discussions inherently have their own difficulty, & this is compounded when the subject is unfamiliar, & English isn't readers' first language. To minimize the ambiguity, we ask respondents to keep to the topic as initialized by the original poster.

This isn't to say we wish to hamper discussion. We encourage discussion, but we ask that members consider what discussion has already taken place. If a member wishes to take conversation in a different direction, please do so, but start a new thread clearly stating what it is you wish to discuss.

This is discussed in the forum rules.
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