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Originally Posted by azdps View Post
I was just making the point that it was unnecessary to discourage others who ask questions. There's alot of unnecessary rudeness in replies. Too much emphasis on whether or not someone has read the man pages or researched enough. A poster should be able to ask a trivial question without getting the third degree.
Unlike most Linux fora, BSD in general and OpenBSD in particular, have not abandoned the principle of self-reliance. People are expected to try to find the answer first, including searching the forum. So if a trivial question is the kind that is easy to find an answer to, such as in the first paragraph of the FAQ's installation guide, then a terse response might be given.

Why is this forum here? Is this the last resort that someone has when they have a question?
Perhaps not the last, but as mentioned above, in OpenBSD's culture it is expected that a person will look at the documentation first. If unable to understand it or unable to find exactly what is needed, then ask a question. Pointing someone to the documentation where an answer can be found is not rude. It is helpful.

Why be rude to someone who has asks a question about including a new OpenBSD feature that may have been asked before?
That depends on the feature being asked for does it not?
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